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Je T'aime Flamenco Videos

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Je T'aime Flamenco in Valencia 2011

Je T'aime Flamenco's promotional video

2 Year Old Colt By Je T'aime

Morag Vullaly's lovely 2 year old colt by Je T'aime Flamenco. He is roan in this vedeo but will end up a beautiful grey.

Je Taime Flamenco wins Amsterdam GP 2010

Je Taime Valentia Youngstock

Je Taime Flamenco Youngstock 2

Kingsbourough Je Taime Youngstock 3

Je Taime Flamenco Youngstock 4

Kingsborough Je Taime Youngstock 5

Pewit Oitimo By Je T'aime Flamenco

Pewit Stud's lovely 5 year old by Je T'aime Flamenco winning the 5 year olds in Oliva Nova Spain 2013

3 YO MHS Toulouse (by Je T'aime Flamenco, ex MHS Prime Time)

Pewit Oitimo

6yo by Je T'aime Flamenco competing at the Spanish Sunshine Tour 2014

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